Whether you're trustee of a simple living trust, a special needs trust, or a complicated asset-protection trust with multiple beneficiaries, it's important that you follow the provisions of the trust and comply with state law. 

So how do you do that? What are your duties and your deadlines? How much discretion do you have? And how can you protect the interests of the trust's beneficiaries, keep them informed, and protect yourself?

Trust Administration: A Serious Responsibility

When you're managing a trust, you probably have a lot of questions. Whether you have a question about the trust instrument, need help with required notifications and disclosures, or don't know whether a distribution you want to make is permissible, Posteri Legal can help.


At Posteri Legal, we want to make your responsibilities as simple and streamlined as possible. We'll explain your duties, rights, and responsibilities; keep you on track for your deadlines; prepare notices and accountings; and coordinate with your financial advisor, accountant, realtor, and other professionals.

Planning of the working day

As Trustee, You Need to Do Right by the Beneficiaries

If you're feeling overwhelmed or just have a few questions, let Posteri Legal help.

Frequently Asked Questions

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