Coverage of Justice Scalia’s Death

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died on Saturday while on a hunting trip in Texas. There's a lot of coverage (and a lot of noise) out there about his jurisprudence, his death, and the political impact that an opening on the Supreme Court will have in a highly contested election year. I'd like to recommend a few informative articles and resources to those who are curious about his judicial legacy and the effect his death will have on pending cases.

1) SCOTUSblog. If you want to know pretty much anything about Supreme Court cases- from general summaries to links to amicus briefs- SCOTUSblog is the place to find it. They've been doing excellent coverage, as usual. I recommend starting with this summary of their weekend coverage.

2) Nina Totenberg's NPR story. A great summary of Scalia's life, work, and judicial philosophy. (And of course, all of Nina Totenberg's SCOTUS coverage is wonderful).

3) Slate's Amicus podcast. I've long been a fan of Dahlia Lithwick and Emily Bazelon's Court coverage at Slate, and they join forces in this podcast to discuss Scalia's legacy and the possible effects of his death on the Court. Lithwick also has a piece on Scalia and liberals.

4) National Constitution Center President Jeffrey Rosen on Scalia's legacy at The Atlantic. (The National Constitution Center is a great resource if you want to learn more about the Constitution; I am particularly fond of their podcast series.)

5) The National Law Review has a summary of upcoming SCOTUS cases and how Scalia's death will impact them.

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